Wednesday, March 24, 2010

This is a painting by Palmer Hayden called Jeunesse.  He was a WW1 soldier for the U.S. military.  When he returned home he stayed in N.Y.  After the War African Americans where starting to raise up in pop culture.  Although they had gained there rights constitutionally, they did not have the same rights on the "streets."  One of the first forms of influence of African culture was Jazz music.  During the twenties and thirties speakeasies where arising everywhere.  In the speakeasies was where Jazz music was dominated.  This painting portrays a speakeasy with African American Jazz players on the left.  The formal wear and classy setting definitely helps African Americas making an identity for themselves.  Before this time African Americans were not wearing painted in suits, dancing under chandeliers or influencing music.  Many say that N.Y. can be the pinpoint where African Americans started to influence pop culture and fine arts. 

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  1. date? Good choice, and good description of context- next, description of the image itself--eg. painterly style--angular, attenuated, subdued palette, centered composition, rhythmic