Friday, March 12, 2010
I looked up a video on youtube called "birth of cinema". The video covers the first photograph, to the first recorded sound, and ealry film as well. One thing that I found interesting was how cinema used to be associated with english rather than art largely, as we discussed, due to peoples' concern for the narrative of a film, not so much the cinematography. Due to the fact that there is no sound in early films, it seems like initially it should have been seen as more of an artistic piece rather than english studies. The techniques were so novel at the time, even as intricate as coloring one thing in each frame to create color, that the process seems to me to require a good amount of artistic ability. The youtube video talks about and shows films with magic/optical illusions, comedy, and all kinds of really interesting techniques. I would really reccomend watching it, it is really interesting.

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  1. good comment you clearly show how the origins of cinema are more in spectacle than in narrative