Friday, April 23, 2010

Cindy Sherman (post 8)

Cindy Sherman

Sherman is a renowned artist known for her style of photography in the category of 'film stills'. She photographs herself in many different scenes, and as figured that resemble famous characters or actors, both male and female. She also used her work to demonstrate the issues of modern life such as abuse, rape, the role of a woman, etc. She is not afraid to show the dark side to modern living and push the boundaries of comfort with the human body. This picture however is a more subtle take on her Untitled series of film stills.
In this photo Sherman is posed with her hand on her chin and is looking directly at the viewer with a frightened yet provocative look on her face. She creates a small amount of sexual tension between herself and the viewer through her eyes and how they make contact with the viewers. Sherman seems to be portraying an upper class woman in this image due to the style of clothing, she also looks as if she seems to be representing a female figure similar to that of Lucille Ball, from the TV show "I Love Lucy". This overall is a very powerful image, because it is like Sherman is telling a story through he expressions, mainly her eyes. There may also be some significance to the reason that she is not centered in this image, like the women of this time and how they were more on the side of their men, and the men were the main focus, and the money makers, while the women were just there for support and to work on the home.

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