Friday, April 30, 2010

Niki Lee (post 9)

Niki Lee
Ohio Project of 1999
This image shows Lee in a barn laying on hay with a male figure and a dog. This picture portrays the life of a southerner, who may own the barn in which they are laying or he could work on the far in which the barn is located. Niki Lee poses herself to look like she is an a relationship with the male in the image and has suited herself in dirty overalls and a flannel shirt to represent how we see farmers and those who work on farms. Lee has set herself up to respresent a small town farm girl with her love or maybe even a relative, just to give a nice story of a scandal to her photograph. She also plays into a little bit of the Dukes of Hazard with the bleach blonde hair with the flip style. This image could have been taken to portray a couple photo, or it could just be a random snap shot of two people taking a rest in the shade of a barn after a long days work.

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