Sunday, April 18, 2010

This painting is called "Capitalist Realist."  This was painted in 2002, but is a pop art painting that is reflecting the United States influence on WW11.  The top image is the B-52 bombers and the nuclear weapon.  Our military power and status seems to be a joke when next to the Coco Cola design.  The Coca Cola stands for mordern pop culuture.  This can be represented as mocking modern pop culture.  This paining is about WW11, which is serious issue, but pop culture would be more worried about having a coke.  Basically I'm saying the Coca Cola symbol is mocking popular culture because it is a useless object for society, but thats the way U.S. consumers are.  The bottom portion of the painting is a poke at high or fine art.  Jackson Pollock's Autumn Rhythm Number 30, 1950.  Pollock was one of the most influencial abstract expressionist during this time.  He pushed limits of the human hand's part in making a painting.  He would let the paint fall from the brush instead of a brush to canvus direct relationship.  Some claim the style was adapted for military design of weapons. 

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