Friday, January 22, 2010

Autumn Cannibalism by Salvador Dali

In this picture it seems that these two people are eating each other away from what looks like a community behind them. Like they know what they are doing is wrong.

The two beings seem like they are being recycled within each other. The body on the left looks like dough: along with what looks like a partially peeled pair and some beans. Maybe he is saying that no matter who we are we have a little bit of everything in us; or like the famous quote: “you are what you eat”. The figures also seem a little depressed, sad. Maybe one is dying and the other is willing to die to be with them. The colors are little dark really gloomy, so you can tell it’s not supposed to be a cheery painting.

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  1. good image, but your discussion is far too brief for a work of this much complexity. Furthermore, , it's not the correct time period: remember, as of this week you are supposed to post and comment on a work of art from the time period we're studying that week in class.