Friday, January 22, 2010

Salvador Dali: Meditative Rose (post 2)

Meditative Rose (Rosa Meditativa), 1958.
Oil on Canvas 36 x 28 cm.
Salvador Dali

This painting was one of Dali's most calm and ordinary pieces he was known to create. For his most popular style was to create pieces that were to resemble one's dreams or nightmares. This painting stimulates the eyes of the viewer through the vibrant use of the red in the rose placed upon the combination of the white and blue of the sky. The darkness of the corners brings the eyes towards the center of the painting and to the, once again, vibrant red of the rose. The almost three dimensional look of the rose makes it hard for one's eyes to focus on other parts of the painting, but does not take away from the over all depth of this piece.

In this image I see that Dali was using a more subtle touch in this painting. It seems as if he was going for another dream like piece, but instead of drooping clocks and crutches he went with the subtle touch of a red rose over a prairie, and two individuals standing in the light, that are just out of view in the above image. This painting seems to capture the scene of what could possibly be a couple standing in the sunset, where the rose could be a symbol of: affection for the two individual, the beauty of nature through sunsets and roses, or the rose can stand for the actual sun itself. Also the curvature of the dark colors give the impression of how small the word may seem, because it gives the illusion of the top if the globe right out of reach. In some ways I find this painting inspiring because of the way he is slightly pushing boundaries due to color variation, but I have found myself attracted to all of his work because I am more interested in work that strays away from the norm, and creates its own individuality through style.

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  1. good image, good discussion, but not the correct time period: remember, as of this week you are supposed to post and comment on a work of art from the time period we're studying that week in class.