Wednesday, January 13, 2010

NHL 10'

This is the cover the NHL 2010 video game.  This year Patrick Kane from the blackHawks made the cover.  I obviously choose this image because i love Hockey and video games.  This is the greatest combination of that.  The colors used in the image are the first thing that jumps out at the viewer.  It is dominatly red and secondary white and black.  There are definitly blues, greens etc... but mostly red white and black.  The red very vibrant.  I like how the backround is only shown by fading in from the white backround.  I also like how saturated the backround is in order to really make the vibrant red of the player pop out.  There are almost chunks of ice flying around him.  This along with the players posture gives a huge sence of motion.  Also the Jersey is kind of sketchy.  This texture goes perfect with the texture of the ice and showing movment.  When all this is combined the image looks to be more like a fantesy than real life.  Because of all the white and the strong lighting off the player it gives that sence of unnaturalistic look.  This is perfect because people by the game just for that.  To live there fantesy of a NHL hockey player through this game.  The last thing i was to talk about is the right arm.  I believe this is a great tool.  This part is very unrealistic as his pants cut off but his are goes forward.  This arm gives balence to the other, a greater sence of depth, and better sence of motion.  The vibe I get from this cover gives off what it needs to and more. 

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  1. Good description, I'm glad you mentioned the right arm- I think you might want to say about it that it "breaks through" the pictorial plane, that is, it comes forward conveying the power and energy of the sport and the player, adding to the dynamic sense of movement and excitement that the graphic captures.