Saturday, January 23, 2010

This painting evokes a feeling of personal victory, and of emotion. The way the smoke behind the woman in the middle is lighter than the rest of the background, it brings the attention straight to her. Aside from how she stands out against the background, the woman is also in the middle of the painting suggesting that she is the main focus. The only bright and saturated color in this painting is the red on the flag that the woman holds which also draws attention to her and to the sense of personal victory this painting portrays. The colors aside from those surrounding the woman are mainly dark and more neutral colors that in the context of the painting give a sense of sadness, or exhaustion with the fighting and death in the painting. Aside from the darkness and death in the painting, the fact that the woman in the middle has her flag raised, and the others around her have guns raised, it gives off a feeling of victory and freedom that has been faught for. The lines in the painting seem to be leading diagonally up to the flag. Her body is tilted up and to the left to where she holds the flag. The bodies and other people in the painting are on the same upward diagonal towards the top left of the painting. Overall, the dramatic scene, colors, brushstrokes, and feelings in this painting make it fit into the more subjective and individualistic ideas portrayed in romanticism.

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