Friday, February 26, 2010

Dexter Building

Dexter Building
Built 1886
Adler & Sullivan

The Dexter Building is located in Chicago, originally built to be a commercial loft type space. Designed by the landmark firm Adler and Sullivan, this building was built before the more recognizable Auditorium Theatre Building that was discussed in class.
According to The City of Chicago website, "The building, which was erected by Chicago attorney Wirt Dexter, was initially used as a factory and showroom for R. Deimel & Brothers, a furniture manufacturing firm."

This building style is significant because of the style of construction. Plate glass and a cast iron building structure allowed for this building's "look". Also, the facade is practically devoid of ornament, unlike other buildings like the Home Insurance Building resembling a Greek column. Instead, the visual stress falls on the iron beams that run a vertical span of the height of the building.

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