Friday, February 26, 2010

Hills-DeCaro House (post 5)

This is the Hills-DeCaro House located in Oak Park, IL. The house was built in 1906 in according to the design of Frank Lloyd Wright. It is one of many of Wright's geometrically shaped designs. This house features the same over lays on the roof and the porch just as seen in the design of Lloyd's Robey House. This particular house was influences by on of Wright's trips to Japan, as you can notice the ridges in the roof and house each section comes to a slight point near the top.
This particular house, along with three others of Wright's designs in Oak Park are currently hosting dinning for those interested in Wright's work. The houses have been transformed into fine dinning restaurants with reservations that have to be booked in advance. Tickets for dinning in the Hills-DeCaro run around $1,250 for members and $1,350 for non-members.

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