Friday, February 5, 2010

JMW Turner (post 3)

JMW Turner

Tuner's painting started off as just sketches of the Rosenau castle in 1840, then decided to turn his sketches into an oil painting in 1841 in hopes that Price Albert who want to purchase his work for the castle. The royal family wasn't very excited with the way Turner portrayed the royal castle, so ultimately his painting was not bought by the royal family. His abstract way of painting was not considered good enough for the time. The castle witch belongs to Prince Albert and Queen Victoria is located above the trees in the top right corner of the painting.
It's said that Turner painted in a more "poetic" style when he created his work, using unique strokes to create his own version of what he was seeing at the time, I see his work as a more abstract way to express the moment and feeling of the day he sketched/painted the view from down by the lake looking up at the Rosenau castle. The painting gives off a sense of calmness through the light of the sky and the image of the male and female near the water side. It looks as if the male is enjoying fishing, while the female is just enjoying his company. I think the individuals might in some ways may be portrayed as Prince Adam and Queen Victoria. Also the color of the leaves leads me to believe that the seasons are changing from either summer to fall, or fall to winter.
Turner's landscape painting is located at the Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool England, and it's dimensions are 49.13 in x 38.27 in.

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  1. good discussion- no doubt the Royals didn't appreciate that the castle off to the side, hidden by trees- but it certainly creates a much more interesting image that way.