Friday, February 26, 2010

Falling Water

Falling Water was built by Frank Lloyd in the 1930's. The house is built in the prairie style that is so typical of his work. The smooth texture of the building, coupled with the light natural colors are all characteristic of prairie style homes. Furthermore, it is very Asian in nature. It is very asymmetrical and uneven, something very common in Asian architecture and also a very important aesthetic in Asian artworks and buildings. Lloyd did an amazing job designing this house, it almost seems to blend in and belong to the nature around it. This is primarily because of the sandy colors and the rock that the house is made of. The only downfall to it is the fact it is built over a waterfall. While the waterfall adds to the beauty of the scenery and the home, it makes it exceedingly hard to keep up with the house maintenance.

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  1. This is a good choice of a building to describe by Frank Lloyd Wright. I like how you did a very good job relating it to Asian art.